Monday, December 20, 2010

The King of Glory

I'll update all the medical stuff tomorrow after another appointment, but it is stable.
Now, I met the most amazing woman outside the hospital today. What a spirit lifter! She adopted 2 special needs kids, with the papers being finalized two days AFTER her husband died. Within 2 minutes of  talking to her I could tell she was doing exactly what God had called her to do. She just radiated it. I'm telling you, we were in the parking lot and she just blew me away. At the end of our beautiful talk we hugged like we had known each other for decades. I don't even know her name. I am so very, very grateful for that encounter.
The King of Glory comes
the nation rejoices.
Open the gates before Him,
lift up your voices.

The wait is nearly over, Advent in nearly finished, and here in this house we will be forever grateful for two tiny babies. The One who saved us all, and the other who, in his weakness, has opened my eyes to the majestic strength of the spirit that dwells within us all.


  1. amazing how God places people in our lives when we need them. Love the pics from your last post. Not crazy about the news in the post but the photos were awesome!
    I lost your address. I really want to send you a Christmas card, it'll be late but who cares. Shoot me an email.

  2. Beautiful moment.Beautiful reminder of God ever present in our life.

    Posted a God thing myself tonight on my post.I adopted something a long time ago,that I just loved:Not a coincidence,it's God being anonymous.

    Sending you prayers during this holy Season and prayers always for sweet Tomas.