Saturday, June 25, 2011

My next job will be

An air traffic controller at Dulles International Airport, and it will feel like being on spring break.
The logistical mountain that needed to be coordinated and moved to get Tomas to New York was overwhelming.
BUT, we are here, it is done, and it went off without a hitch. He saw his new pediatrician the day after we got here, that pedi drew the TPN labs, and the new infusion DME has been in contact with the dr. and me, a nurse from the new skilled nursing company came out this morning and changed his port needle, which was overnighted to my hotel room by the old infusion DME along with enough TPN to get us through the new lab results and new written orders from the new doctor. Tomas' first specialist appointment is on July 7th, with 10 more to follow in the next 3 months.
I am so grateful for the TPN because I am pretty sure he is in the middle of another shutdown, and is barely tolerating the tiny drip of J enteral feeds we have running. I am certain he would be in the hospital, but instead he is here with his family and gaining weight every day. It is a gift, short and simple.
We drove here, it took 4 days because we didn't push the kids to go 10+ hours a day. I loved watching my girls faces as the hot, drought ridden, cracked earth landscape around north TX gave way to the green rolling hills of TN. Then the woods got thicker and the people got sparser as we headed through northern VA, NJ and finally into NY. I grew up here, but my kids have only known the flat pancake that is FL, and the small hills of TX. Climbing the large hills of the Hudson Valley and having them look out the car window and look DOWN on the villages below took their breath away, and that gave me such pleasure, and such admiration for the creator and the variety he bestowed upon us. In all things there is this incredible variety, a newness waiting for the next newcomer to discover.
I wonder what this new place will make of the variety my family brings with us. The local newspaper had an ad for an OB/GYN office that headlined with "Genetic Counseling; Nuchal Translucency Screening; Choronic Villus Sampling; and Genetic Amniocentisis". What will this tiny part of the world make of my boy who "failed" all these tests? We left the relative safety of a very conservative area and once again God is holding His hand tight to His chest.
How much more I would prefer to offer my faith up as a single gift, on a silver platter, one time, and be done with it. That is not my path though, my path  is the Hansel and Gretel path. The one where God leaves little breadcrumbs for me to find my way, and while I am aware when I find a large enough crumb to propel me forward I shudder at the disheartening thought of how many smaller ones I have missed. So I wait, because God knows I am dense, and stubborn, and prideful, and He knows that every once in a while I need a whole stinkin' loaf of bread to find my way.


  1. Well another great one ! gosh you leave me speechless.

    No fear my friend we are sharing the same coast!LOL I'm so glad you are closer.Get settled... we have got to see each other before summer is over!

  2. Hopefully you'll be the ones 'enlightening' some of those misinformed souls :)

  3. Hoping for wonderful things as you settle in NY.