Friday, July 20, 2012

Here I am

It has been a long time since I posted. A really long time. But things are changing here and there is no better way for me to organize my mind and make it easier to keep a large group of people up to date on what is happening than through my long lost blog. Over the next few days I'll post updates about various health issues Tomas is still dealing with and some new ones that have cropped up. To cheat a bit and put the cart before the horse; this story doesn't look like it will end my way. Today we learned it is unlikely Tomas will ever come off of TPN. That in and of itself is usually a life-shortening condition; combined with the other issues going on, well, like I said, not my way.

I would like a re-write but as of yet my editor doesn't  agree. He is calling the shots and has set the form for the story. Oh, He is letting me use my own words and embellisments, letting my thoughts and desires scream from the pages, but the outline is still there; already written. My job is to show the world how beautiful His outline is.

And it is beautiful. It is also, thankfully, unrevealed. So while the realism of the place we are in is not lost on me, my only option is to continue on to see what He wrote.


  1. "thankfully, unrevealed" - oh how many would have given up in the beginning if they knew all that was coming! Stay strong. Prayers for your adorable family.

  2. Dorothy - I am always thinking about you, your family and your little man.

  3. That Tomas' soul is full of joy; it radiates from him. I ache for what you are all going through and the facts that get shoved in your face when all you really want to do is live oblivious in your own fantasy. We love your family and am always praying.