Saturday, August 22, 2009

Look what I can do!

This is such a big accomplishment for him. First, that he is even able to tolerate being on his belly and second, that he can hold his head up that high. Of course, Olivia and Victoria are his biggest cheerleaders.
We went to a playgroup yesterday with local families who have a baby/child with Down Syndrome. There were four other families and one who couldn't make it. All the Down's kids were boys! They ranged from 15 months to 4 years. It should be a great group for Tomas as he gets older. As it was he stayed awake the entire time just watching all the activity. The other nice thing about it is two of the families have older girls around the ages of my girls. I am very happy that they get the chance to have friends who TOTALLY understand what is is like to have siblings who need so much special care.
As usual having a mommy network is invaluable. None of the other kids had quite as many medical issues as Tomas (remember he's a 5%-er), but they did have a lot of the same stuff - just spread around between the kids. It was great to get to talk and hear their stories. I had read way back when this all started the 80% of Down's babies are born to moms in their 20's. It didn't quite make sense then as your risk goes up after 35, but yesterday it all became crystal clear. The moms were all young (except one other mom) and non of them knew pre-natally that they were carrying a Down's baby. It all snapped into place. Women over 35 get all the high risk ultrasounds and so usually know ahead of time. Younger moms don't. You can follow the rest of the thought process pretty easily as to why only 20% of Down's kids are born to women over 30. So sad.
Next week should be interesting. I take him to the pulminologist on Monday to get the results of the sleep study. Also, on Friday the nutritionist comes out to weigh Tomas against his baseline from two weeks ago. I'll let you all know what happens.

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  1. i am amazed with tomas. he is doing amazing despite everything. i, too, am especially amazed he tolerates being on his stomach. that is crazy to me. it is wonderful he does that. it will help him out so much in building strength. it was good seeing you again and i'm glad you could meet some of the other moms as well!