Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We are supposed to start school on Mon., but Olivia is quite sick right now and most likely has pneumonia. She gets it every time she gets a cold. I'll probably take her in tomorrow if she doesn't miraculously recover overnight. Victoria is coughing but usually ends up with a sinus infection, not a respiratory one. I am doing my best to keep the girls upstairs and Tomas as far away as possible. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to keep the germs away. Even just taking Olivia to the doctors means putting all three of them into the car next to each other. Plus by the time I know they're sick they've been all over him for days.

He had a dying spell this morning. I HATE that term and I HATE the episodes. He stops breathing because he is refluxing/choking. He goes all limp in my arms and I just have to wait and pray. It only lasted about 15 seconds but that is a VERY VERY long time when you are waiting for your child to breathe. Also, it is just not supposed to happen at all anymore since his second surgery. That means his nissen is not working 100% of the time, and probably means he's looking at a 3rd surgery on the sooner rather than later side.

He just saw his pulmonologist on Mon., and we got mixed news. He doesn't need a CPAP while he's sleeping, but does need to be on the oxygen for at least a year and I have to be good about traveling with it so he can have it for naps. The doctor also wants Tomas to get Synagis (RSV vaccine) throughout the winter, the whole family to get flu shots (we always do) and for Mike to get the H1N1 vaccine. I'd really like to see the H1N1 be out awhile before sending anyone in the family in to get it - just makes me nervous being rushed like that and so new.

We are all just bumming around today. The girls are in cartoon heaven upstairs (which looks like a mini tornado ripped through!). Tomas is using those ultra-flexible legs to kick everything in sight. He actually aims them just like his hands. It is pretty funny. He likes to aim for my esophogus when I'm leaning over him to suction him out. He'll actually re-attempt if he misses that "soft spot" on mommy's neck. Stinker.

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