Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I wanted to update everyone with what is going on with Tomas. When he was 7 weeks old he had surgery to prevent severe reflux that was causing him to suffocate. We have known for a few months now that it was not holding 100% of the time because he was spitting up occasionally. That is not supposed to happen - food can only go down not up-after the surgery. However, it was VERY intermittent and the doctors wanted him to get bigger and stronger before attempting another surgery to repair the first procesure and and fix the 3 hernias he has.Unfortunatley, on Thursday morning he had one of his more dangerous suffocation episodes and then last night a much milder one. Now that the frequency of these episodes is increasing we have to do something about it. The girls and I spent all day at ER having Tomas evaluated and tested. Tomorrow I meet with his GI doctor. At this point we have 2 options, either the surgery (which by all accounts is a HUGE deal) or finding an alternate means of feeding him. His doctor has said in the past that our last option before surgery is to move his feeding tube from his stomach directly to his upper intestinal tract. I am fairly certain that is what will happen tomorrow.Hopefully, tomorrow's procedure will buy us some time. Thank you all for praying for us. It means so very much, especially when things get tough.

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  1. Saying an extra prayer tonight for tomorrow's appointment! I can only imagine how busy you are with him and the girls. Thank you for making time to keep us updated and for posting pictures so often. We're always thinking about you and praying for you guys!