Sunday, January 10, 2010

The approaching birthday

As Tomas's birthday nears my husband and I have been reliving the events of his birth, and talking about everything that has changed for us. It all boils down to this - our lives are so much harder now, and our lives are so much better now.

I love to read the blogs of mom's with DS (or other special needs) kids who are a little older than Tomas.  I am so glad to see the sense of thankfulness and gratitude for their children doesn't fade with time. I don't want this sense of wonder and gratefulness to end as he gets older. I love all my children and am grateful for all my children, but Tomas' arrival and the fragileness of his being made me love them MORE.  How cool is that?

I try to pray this every morning. I have it taped up near the coffee pot (although, I must admit some mornings my mind is so set on coffee that I forget the prayer)

Morning Prayer,

I thank you, Lord,
for the wonder of my being,
for giving me another day to love and serve you,
and enjoy the awesome beauty of your creation.
May I often think of you during this day.
Inspire everything I say and do this day.
May it all begin from you and,
with your unfailing help,
be carried through for your glory;
through Christ our Lord, Amen.


  1. I love Jax more and more every day. And it makes me want another DS child. I can't believe how many families of DS kids adopt another one. Their definitely addicting.

  2. That's a beautiful prayer. I agree with every word of your post. These little loves of ours just keep getting better and better with each passing day. Emilia teaches me so much... love, patience, understanding, compassion and on and on! I think she was sent to "take care" of all of us.

  3. Hi friend! Jax has been in his own room for a couple of years now. He has a monitor on him all night, so if anything happens it warns us. Also I'm a very light sleeper so I hear every stir he makes. He was in our room for the first year and a half. After his 17 week PICU stay, I was afraid to have him out of my sight.
    We actually only have a night nurse two nights a week. And we haven't even started that yet. We had our first night shift last Thursday. We are still waiting for them to get us another nurse for the second night. I like the freedom of having him in his own room. And with the monitor I don't worry that I'll miss something. Its more of a mind thing with yourself. Your scared to have him out of your sight, but once you do it you'll see he's ok!

  4. You know I totally understand your comment about how the fragileness of Tomas' life makes you love all your children more. That's totally how I feel with Kelsey and Keeton. Seeing Kelsey's fight for life makes me not want to take the ones I love for granted.