Friday, January 15, 2010

God's sense of humor in overdrive

Ok, apparently this sense of humor can expand to cover the day BEFORE we leave on vacation.

1st - Cranky neighbor lady comes to complain about my dog barking - who I had just told Olivia to bring inside - it is not so much the complaint as the crankiness that upset me.

2nd - Home health came yesterday to deliver the travel concentrator (oxygen machine). Except no one checked the order form against the equipment so the driver showed up with a dosage regulator instead. They were supposed to bring the right stuff today. Doorbell rings, driver shows up with a smaller wall unit than the one I have now - fine for nights and when we are at families' houses, but what about DisneyWorld? They brought me SEVEN tanks of oxygen!!! They have no "travel concentrator" So what was the conversation I had with them two weeks ago scheduling the delivery of the travel concentrator??? They don't know. Luckily, we have a fairly large van (Eurovan) so I think I can fit everything, but I was going to bring my sister (whose pregnant - yeah!) a bunch of baby stuff which I will now have to ship.

3rd - The cardiology office calls because I sent back the holter monitor Tomas wore the other day without the leads. I thought the nurse said I could through away the leads - just like the ones in the hospital. NO, they say, they said you could only throw away the sticky tips of the leads. They will contact the manufacturer to contact me about replacement cost. Lovely.

4th - Victoria fell down the stairs - HARD. She has fallen a dozen times before  - not the most graceful child in the universe, but this time she just lies there and crys. Great. Best I can tell no broken bones and she did not hit her head, but she can't stop crying that it hurts - and she is not a cryer. Off to the pediatrician at 3:30. He orders x-rays of coccyx. It could possibly prevent us from going depending on whether anything has slipped.

5th - Leaving the imaging center at 5pm (not bad for time really), and the pediatrician calls with the results. She is fine no broken anything! Just give her motrin and have her sit on a pillow till the tenderness is gone. However, she is majorlly constipated. All the way through her bowels, which are extremely distended. I know this is a problem for her and we have been battling it for a while, but he said it needed urgent attention tonight or she could run into trouble. He told me to get pedia-lax (I had been giving her mira-lax) which is an enema. He said it should work tonight and then to resume it after we get to FL.

When I said I had everthing perfectly planned I knew I was jinxing myself, but come on! Anyway you can bet  I will breathe a sigh of relief when we are actually underway tomorrow. Then I will be enjoying the FL sun, fun, and family for two glorious weeks.


  1. Hopefully all the stress and falls and mishaps are out of the way and you all can have some fun in the sun! Have a great trip.

  2. This insanity will really make you appreciate your vacation. While you're gone I'll win the lotto and buy out that cranky neighbor of yours and that insane home health company. Sorry! You're on your own with the pedialax!! Have fun!!