Monday, February 7, 2011

My dear heart

Olivia is having her cardiac ablation on Wednesday. Up until now I have been pretty nonchalant about it, but as the hours creep closer, the panic grows larger. Did I make the right choice for her? Ugh.. that is the curse of parenting, did we do it right? She can't take any cardiac meds because of her asthma, and she hates the SVT episodes and voted for the procedure when I asked how she felt about all this. I hate doubt!
She will be under for about 5 hours, the doctor maps the heart and burns any bad areas. A cardiac surgeon is on standby - just in case, blech. I am also worried about her asthma doing things to her breathing during and after the sedation. She and I are driving down to Dallas on Tuesday night, as a large snowstorm is supposed to head our way on Wed. morning. I'm glad we will have some special time at a hotel on Tue. night before she goes in. She has to stay the night, but if all goes well we will be home on Thursday.

Tomas had to go back to the pedi this morning for a re-draw of that pesky urine infection, and still needs follow up with the urologist. We are waiting on scheduling for the kidney ultrasound and VCUG. He also needed a shot of Rocephin today because of a pesky sinus infection that wont go away even after two different antibiotics. So he got an injection and a cath today, not a happy camper. Well, ok now he is, but at the time he was pretty ticked off!

In other news, his nurse comes out tomorrow for training. She will be here T,W,R - the days my husband usually travels, from 9:30-5. To say I am excited will be an understatement for sure. My girls aren't going to be to happy because I have now decided to take full advantage and go to a 3 day school week, pretty much matching the nursing hours. That means longer hours those 3 days, but off on Mon and Fri. It all worked out so well though, because now a nurse will be here with my husband and Tomas for the days that I am at the hospital with Olivia. Thank you, God for your perfect timing!

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  1. Wow talk about perfect timing! That will be a huge help while you are away with Olivia.

    Sending a special prayer for Mis Liv and you.
    Please keep us posted.