Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunshine and Lollipops

We had a fantastic week with my mom. The kids all had a blast with her. They made a snowbaby together, did Valentine's crafts, made fudge (my favorite part!) and stayed up late watching movies. The week went by too fast!

It was not all sunshine and lollipops though, on second thought it was. Olivia had her cardiac ablation on Wednesday, and because the weather was supposed to be terrible early Wed. morning and she needed to be there at 6:15, she and I drove down to Dallas the night before to stay at a hotel. This is the first time since she had any sibling that she and I have been alone at night together. We had a blast. My husband is a frequent traveler so the hotel chain sent up some free ice cream and sodas, and we had access to the concierge lounge with even more goodies. We stayed up playing cards, eating ice cream (until she was NPO), and just having some wonderful time together. The next morning we made it to the hospital just before the weather turned really bad. She took her goofy juice and was just hysterical to be around. My sweet, sweet angel. What a soft spot is in your heart for your firstborn! They took her back around 9 and were done by 12:30. That was pretty good considering they had warned me it could take around 5 hours. The doctor was able to freeze the bad spot, and told me it was for sure an AV Nodal Re-entrant Tachycardia. If you are going to have heart palpitations those are the ones to have! So all good news. She recovered just fine, with a small scare to a resident overnight with some funky heart rhythms, but the cardiologist put us all at ease in the morning. All in all quite a successful and uneventful hospital stay. I must say I spent a large part of the time waiting for the other shoe to drop. It was just so surreal to have everything happen the way it is supposed to.  She is recovering perfectly with just some leftover soreness. I couldn't be happier!

Tomas is as Tomas does. I think that will be my new catch phrase for him. My mom was here for 8 days and we had three doctor visits, two Rocephin injections, one lab draw, one new issue pop up requiring another -ologist, and one ECI evaluation with 7 people at my kitchen table.  He is stable, and got an all clear for the UTI from a few weeks ago, but with the last urinalysis some ketones were in his urine. I'm grateful for this, I have been testing him at home and have been telling the doctors he's ketotic, but now I have clinical evidence. The pedi is trying to get the endo consult moved up. In the meantime Tomas has a kidney ultrasound on Wednesday followed by a meeting with his new ologist - the urologist.  He actually had one until he was 5 months old, but then was discharged. So not sure if it counts as new or not.

Yesterday the weather finally warmed enough to take him outside. See if you think he enjoyed it:

Forgot to add that the nurse couldn't make it on Wed or Thurs because of the weather, but everyone muddled through just fine. On my way out the door I asked my husband if he knew what to do if the button should come out. He said just one word.


  1. oh this is the best good news post you've had in so long!!!

    And you're hubs just cracks me up!

  2. He looks like he's really enjoying the fresh air!