Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a lovely time visiting with friends and family. I was sad Christmas Eve because Tomas was running a low fever and it was freezing outside so Mike and I decided not to take Tomas to Mass. He took the girls, who were singing in choir that night and I stayed home with the baby. I was sad to miss out, but I watched Mass on EWTN and was able to catch the live broadcast from the Vatican for Midnight Mass. It was beautiful and the Pope's homily was perfect. God has been so good at lifting my face whenever I look down.

Mike and the girls drove home from Church in a sort-of blizzard. Howling wind, driving snow, but not much accumulation. It was crazy weather. The girls and I got geared up and went outside for their first snowball fight. We had a fantastic time.

Christmas was wonderful as always, and we have spent the last few days with family that has to go back to FL way too soon.

Wishing you all a Blessed, Merry Christmas!


  1. Sounds lovely, except for Tomas not feeling well. Hope he is feeling better for the New Year. Your girls are sooooo beautiful!!!!!! And your tree is perfect.

  2. Your girls looked so cute! Looks like you had a great Christmas!

  3. So, I just stumbled across your blog via Jax's blog and spent the last 45 minutes reading it. I didn't get to read it all but I wanted to tell you about a few things we have in common. I have a 21 month old daughter with Ds as well as two older girls (ages 10 1/2 and 9. My daughter Ella was also born with transient leukemia which we have been following since her birth...she constantly struggles with low platelets which don't affect her much and has only had one episode of low hemoglobin in which she needed transfusions. And finally, I used to live in McKinney so I know very well where Melissa is. Glad I found you...I hope you will stop by my blog and say hello.