Wednesday, December 23, 2009

He was trying so hard to get that wire into his mouth! I guess he fugures he's going to eat orally one way or another!

I met with the surgeon yesterday and he wants to go ahead and do everything all at the same time.
He did say it was ok to wait until after our vacation as long as Tomas did not become symptomatic on the J-feeds.  So in late Feb/ early March Tomas will have:

Gall Bladder removed
Nissen redo
Morgagni (liver) hernia repair
Para-esophogeal hernia repair
Bowel adhesions repair

I'm glad we have so much time to prepair. It will take me that long to get to my happy place. As I was leaving the surgeon's office he casually said "I can tell you this, I'll be stressed out the day before his surgery." It is a good thing I really like him and I know he was trying to let me know he cares, but wow, that has to be among the top 3 things never to say to a baby's mama before an operation.

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  1. Oh, the waiting is the worst part. Good luck. We'll be praying for you.