Sunday, May 23, 2010

10 Years ago...

today I was going to be a career woman. I spent 5 years in college earning a specialized degree and had an excellent job making tons of money. I wore pretty clothes everyday and everyone at work listened to me. They had to, I was in charge of my department. I was going to have my children, take my 3 month's maternity leave, find an excellent daycare and go back to work. But that was 10 years ago today.
Ten years ago tonight my first daughter was born. It was a horrible c-section and she aspirated on some fluid so I didn't get to see her for 4 hours after she was born. In that 4 hour window my world rocked, crumbled and reformed. I was not going to do anything ever again but be a mother. At that time I was making about 40% of our income, but I really didn't care. She was so little (I use that term realtively speaking as she was 9lbs 8 ozs) and no one else was going to care for her the way I could.
So my husband and I spent the next year slimming down our budget, and I have stayed home ever since. She is my utter delight. She is my soulmate- we are so alike, she challenges me to do the very best for all of my kids. She is smart, caring and is a peacemaker to the core of her being.
Happy, happy birthday my darling Olivia!


  1. Sweet post! Happy Birthday beautiful Olivia!

  2. Oh so sweet. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day.

  3. How sweet! She is an awesome child! Happy Birthday Olivia!

  4. Happy Birthday Olivia!!! You are a beautiful girl!! enjoy your beautiful day!!!!

    Dorathy .. no fair making me cry so early in the morning with this post!!!