Monday, May 10, 2010

We (umm..I mean Tomas) have a nurse!

I asked for one waaayyy back when he had RSV and I was working around the clock to keep him home. It took this long to get approved, a home intake done, and someone to come out. But tonight she was here!
She is coming for the dinner rush (better known as the witching hour at my house) from 4-8 once a week. That means that one day a week things are calmer here at dinner. Usually, there are 3 meds to deliver in that 4 hour window, a breathing treatment, CPT, and at least one refill on the feeding pump. But tonight, I got to make dinner, do a load of laundry, clean the kitchen and bathe (wash hair) the girls. It was so nice. When the pump beeped, the nurse fixed it. When Tomas needed his diaper changed, the nurse did it. When Tomas scooted on top of his tubing and popped the med port open, the nurse cleaned it up and set him going again. Breathing treatment - nurse. Pill crushing/blending/blending/blending - nurse. Seriously, he has one med (synthroid) which is a bear to mix. Tonight I walked her through the bedtime routine of venting, then taping on the pulse-ox probe (he has considered it his personal challenge to get free from the red light on his toe), changing out the tender grips, putting the cannula on and then moving the pump from the backpack to the IV pole. Next week all I have to do is walk in and kiss him goodnight.
I felt a little weird about that until I realized that 6 nights a week it will still be me. Just one night a week I get a tiny respite. And it is not even for me, tonight I started a science experiment and made a cake (lemon pound - yum) with the girls.
I have only 16 hours of nursing time approved from the insurance company but the agency is working on getting it extended or finding another program that will cover it. With Mike being gone so much during the week it will be a huge blessing to get that covered.


  1. Yeah for you. We had some nursing when we first got home and still have a student nurse. It is a great help. Especially with the pump and the meds.
    My husband or I would sleep when our nurse came. Especially in the start. So happy for you!!!!

  2. Fantastic! I had an aide that would stop in and help with Tiffany. For me I could get out of the house, grocery shop, etc. Just a few hours make a difference.

  3. Sounds great, but I hope they can extend it!!

  4. so happy that you finally got approved!! i have a feeling, every week, you're going to be counting down days until next monday. ;)

  5. Your so lucky, I have zero nursing care for my trached child! I can't wait to move out of my state!