Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blood sugars, toe sticks, and phones...Oh my!

Mr. Man crashed again the other day down to 31 so I started checking a whole lot more often and I am finding some huge spikes 1 hour after his bolus meals. Tomas' toes look awful as I am checking sometimes 12  a day so we can find a pattern. Thank God he doesn't mind. really, not a flinch or an eyebrow twitch or anything. After a rather large spike yesterday I took him to the pedi who orderd 100 tests (ok - just 11) one of which involves frozen urine. I swear, I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted. The pedi called the endo clinic at childrens and they thought it might be dumping syndrome. I didn't think so since not all the symptoms match and then the pedi called GI to run it by him. He didn't think so either.  Actually here's the way it went down.
1. Trip to pedi.
2. pedi calls endo while I'm still there.
3. Endo too busy so I go home.
4. Pedi calls after talking to endo - sounds like dumping syndrome.
5. Pedi calls GI to discuss syndrome.
6. Pedi calls me back says GI doesn't agree, get labs done first thing in the morning.
7. Can't get labs done because  I forgot SLT was coming this am, will go tomorrow.
8. Tomas drops his sugar again today and needs juice to get it back up.
9. I call pedi and leave message.
10. Pedi calls back says well maybe it is dumping syndrome, or this or this or that.
11. Pedi calls GI to discuss again , wait on labs until they talk.
12. To be announced...


  1. So basically your right back where you started, with a big old question mark!!
    Now I have to google dumping syndrome

  2. I think he has Tomas syndrome ;)
    Oh man - good luck.

  3. Frozen urine, man you definitely can't make that one up! I love how they don't care if you poke them. It makes shots twice a day so much easier!

  4. Crazy. Thankful that he doesn't mind the toe pricks. Frozen urine, weird. Hey whatever works to getting some answers for you guys. Sending hugs.

  5. Do I need to send my Godson some socks? Keeping you in our prayers.