Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blood work and just getting settled tonight. Had to come in through the ER, took 6 hours - don't get me started. Fasting study and more tests tomorrow.
The bad - many many sticks for Tomas in the near future.
The good - we get our own nurse with the study. Since sugar drops are so dangerouse someone will be here all the time.
The hope - ANSWERS!

Do you think this IV is Tomas proof?


  1. He's so sweet. What a trooper. Praying you get some rest tonight, and answers soon.

  2. There better be an answer soon! Immediately followed by a solution. Sending prayers!!!

  3. My guess is that IV is probably not Tomas proof!! Hoping for some answers today!

  4. He looks like he is seriously planning how to dislodge it. Keep us updated when you can.

  5. thinking about and praying for you guys everyday. i hope that some answers are found. enough is enough.

    and i'm sure tomas will rip that thing right off!