Friday, July 30, 2010


12. Tomas had a very scary hypoglycemia episode yesterday evening and scared mommy good.
13. After I brought him back up and he recovered (still working on me!) I moved him to continuous feeds to  buy us the evening.
14. Called pedi this morning, while I was on the phone I checked Tomas' sugars. 57 (too low) after only being off his continuous for 2 hours. Pedi said don't give him any breaks, keep the pump running until we figure out what is going on.
15. Pedi called back and wants to talk to GI - no longer thinks it is dumping but wants his opinion.
16. Pedi calls back, GI is on vacation, so now he wants to call current Endo.
17. Pedi calls back. He is waiting for call back from Endo, but GI called from vacation (love him!!!) and said it does not sound like dumping and the hypoglycemia is serious and get that baby checked out! (LOVE HIM!!!).
18. Pedi said the Endo group I am trying to get back into at Children's is not being very helpful (Dr. code for they are a bunch of jerks) and it would be better to stay with current endo. I like him but he is 1.5 hours away.
19. Pedi thinks he needs to get admitted to run tests and try different things. Both GI and pedi don't want any changes made at home - too risky. As if I want to repeat yesterday.
20. Just waiting on call back from current Endo, but it looks like he'll get admitted.
21. I used to think it was so weird to be in the postition of praying for doctors to find something wrong with my son, but now I realize there is something wrong, I am just praying for them to find it.
22. To be announced...

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  1. I hope they get this figured out soon! Just let me know where you'll be for your coffee delivery.