Monday, November 1, 2010

Frog Scooting

His therapist called it "interesting". She is bringing a standing frame next week since he still won't bear weight on his legs, and she doesn't think this is an effective means of mobility. Personally, I could care less right now. Maybe if he was, oh let's say 5 or so and still scooting about I might have trouble with it, but for now it is pretty cute. I'll try the frame but I already told her I have no intention of torturing him with it. We did run into a snag with the cooler weather, though. Socks on his feet don't give him enough traction, and shoes make his feet stick and he can't move with them on. I tried some moccasin socks I found at Target but they are only sticky on the bottom and he digs in with the side of his feet. I may have to get creative!


  1. I love it - but then we are partial to scooting around here :)
    And it's been amazing to see the strides Max has made just from being able to explore more. {and our PT finally gave up trying to teach him to crawl - we are officially skipping it}

  2. I was just going to say that friend Max did that. He's moving, and thats what matters! They all do things differently!

  3. Well,we have a scooter extraordinaire in this house,so I am partial to the scooting!

    Like you,at this point,I could really care less.

    I love all his faces and I especially love the end to his story .... indeed just the beginning.

  4. ummm. is your therapist aware that a lot of kids scoot like that and don't crawl the "right" way. henry did't do a four point crawl until recently. he always did a rolling thing.

    and as long as he's moving is some way he's building muscle strength which is the most important thing. he'll get there. have you looked at robeez? not sure if they would work or not.