Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"The stander!"

This is still hard for me to believe but here is the evidence. This morning he actually clapped and got excited when he saw it - weird little person that he is!

He has a swallow study tomorrow morning. I'm not looking forward to it. But the new pulm doctor wants new data. His last study was  Sept. '09. Wish us luck!


  1. He's a big boy now! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. I am so impressed with Tomas and the stander.I read the previous post and ... wow!I think this might be in order for Zoey.Everyone has a different opinion but the fact that she is always looking up at her world I really think a new view would be great for her and to strengthen her legs,added bonus.We'll see what her PT says when we revisit the subject.Her Rifton walker is gathering dust.

    Now to the husband,wow again.No toilet or bathroom or any other kind of cleaner,in this house.I wish.With 4 1/2 baths ... I would KILL for a toilet scrubber person!

    Good luck with the swallow study and finding answers on the bloodly goo.Could it be an inside fissure?One that can't be see from the outside?Does that make sense?

  3. Very cool. I bet he loves his new view on life. He is such a cutie! Good luck with the new doc ;)