Wednesday, November 3, 2010


During October's Tomas story I purposely didn't blog about any medical stuff. It was a long month with much discussing and little headway. Doctors were able to rule out one disorder (Schwachman Diamond) but there are still a few on the table - some of which are pretty scary. Finally, after much back and forth, tomorrow Tomas has an MRI for his liver. Hopefully, this will give us some sense of what is going on with his liver enzymes and lead us to an answer for the immune system and neutropenia. After the MRI (if all goes well) he is having a special platelet aggregation study done to try and find a reason behind his petechiae. It could be a big day for us in moving forward toward answers.

The last time he went under he needed an injection to get his heart going again and bagging. I'm a little nervous but not too much as they know him pretty well at the hospital and are always ready for him. But if you could remember him in your prayers tomorrow I would be most grateful. Thank you!


  1. Oh, I want so badly for you to get some answers. Tomas will definitely be in my prayers tonight and tomorrow as you don't need any more drama right now!! Thinking of you guys often even though I have not been good about commenting.

  2. Sending prayers! We are all waiting for answers right along witness you...

  3. Will be thinking of you and hoping all goes well.

  4. hope this is it! ANSWERS!!


    And I love the little frog!!!