Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update #2

 I remembered what the hematologist brought up to change the pedi's mind. It was because Tomas' reticulocyte count was low.
That measures how many new red blood cells your bone marrow is making. If it was dietary insuficieny then the retic should have been high to replenish the low hemaglobin count. But since it was low that meant there is hardly any iron left even in his bone marrow - which points to a chronic, slow GI bleed. The pedi said it would have had to have been going on for about a year. I told him that I first mentioned blood in his belly in July '09. His GI put him on carafate for it. So on and off he has been bleeding for about 18 months. Eventually he depleted all his iron stores, and we are at the point now where his body is robbing Peter to pay Paul. His blood will stay oxyginated at all costs so it robs iron from his organs to keep the O2 up. They even said it might explain what is going on with his liver.

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  1. Holy crap.Seriously.I wonder when it is that a doctor,will blow my socks off and really listen and HEAR,when a mom says ... there is something else going on.The slow bleed thing made my stomach feel literally sick.Hoping and praying that you all can solidify the source and get Tomas feeling better.Thinking of you and sending prayers.