Wednesday, January 5, 2011


 - Pedi just called after having talked to hem/onc. Everything is turned around again. They now think it is most likely a GI bleed, can't remember what hem/onc said that made pedi change his mind, was one of his other levels. Don't put the iron in the G, put it in J and get him scoped. GI didn't seem interested in scoping so time to get a new GI. Tomas' llast endoscopy was July '09 and he had duodenal uclers. Pedi said didn't GI follow up, nope, didn't think it was necessary. Pedi and hem/onc want me to go back to the GI we had before an insurance fiasco in Sept. '09. Call tomorrow for appt, and if I can't get one soon then have pedi call him personally. At least this makes more sense than trying to say the J was preventing absorbtion


  1. My head is spinning just trying to understand half of what you write. prayers to you!!
    Hugs to Tomas!

  2. Is that even half an answer? Ugh.