Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where's his birthday post??????

His birthday was on the 16th, today is the 20th - what am I waiting for?
Just for putting my mind together.
Of course there is more medical stuff going on but I wanted to get the birthday post in before I relay any of that, and really it is just more questions and no more answers; too annoying to write about. I can't really find a word for how I am feeling these days. I just know one thing; I do not want a do-over. 

We had a quiet day, it was too cold to go outside, and he is too immune compromised to go anywhere inside, but we had a special day anyway. Lots of love, lots of attention, lots of singing, playing, reading favorite books, and watching favorite shows. The girls and I made him a special cake.

I think he liked it (could only taste the frosting):

 Wrapping paper is the bestest ever!

 Just love that cute little face.

Right now we are waiting on a bunch of doctors to come together and get some testing done. Waiting is hard, and fatiguing, and frustrating; but giving up would be harder, more fatiguing, and more frustrating. Instead we wait - in joyful hope, because as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. and who wouldn't hold out joyful hope for this:


  1. A very happy belated birthday to your beautiful boy!

    Loved the kissing of the crib and loved the smiles and giggles.Some how,having that,I am certain, makes the waiting and the frustration,bearable.

    Hoping and praying for answers ans peace to you while you wait.

  2. I absolutelly LOVE that last picture!! He is so cute!! I wish I could come over and meet him in person. To bad you didn't pick Spartanburg :0) Sean lab work was normal so on to the gastrologist we ended our bowling homeschool adventure badly. Throw up, tears, and a missing four year old. I have no idea why I left the house. No do overs here either, but thank you for your encouragment. Praying for you guys always....


  3. Happy Birthday Tomas!!!
    You are cutie! Love the video.
    Praying for answers and peace!

  4. happy birthday tomas!!!! you are such an angel and have touched so many lives! thinking about all of you everyday...