Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomas' labs are back to normal! His WBCs are all in normal range (well one is just slightly below normal - but 'll take it), and his platelets have climbed for the first time since June. He made it through without any illness, praise God. Victoria is battling a sore throat though so we'll see...

The motorcycle show from a few weeks ago was a huge success and we now have a 50cc honda in the garage to prove it. The girls are learning fast and I ordered their helmets and jerseys yesterday. It is really neat to watch how their different personalities play out on the dirtbike. Olivia thinks through everything and steadily progresses. She is now allowed to ride in second gear, and working on going faster and learning how to stand on the bike. Victoria rushes headlong into stuff, jumped on the bike and took off. But she is still scared to move out of first gear and is scared the noise from higher gears will be too loud (she is petrified of loud noises). They both love it though, and beg Mike to take them out every day. Eventually, we'll get Olivia a bike her size (she's learning on Victoria's little one right now) and of course Mike needs a dirtbike too, because none of the 3 bikes he has already can go off road! I'm glad they have something they can do together and that they all love. One day Tomas will fall into that crowd no doubt, but for now he is my snuggle bear.

He has an enterococcus infection (fecal based) from when the Drs. had to replace his j-tube and not use a sterile new one. It would have been nice to get a new one but that meant extra days in the hospital. It would have been nicer had they just not taken it out in the first place, but that was not to be. So a course of anitbiotics and some topical and all should be well.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  1. Oh no now someone else wants a dirt bike again!

  2. so glad to hear tomas is doing well! and what cool parents. i wish i had a dirtbike as a little kid!!

  3. Those bath pics are so cute. My Carter has a little dirt bike like that and he loves it!

  4. Bathing in the Bumbo - I'm totally stealing that idea!!