Friday, November 13, 2009

House Arrest (again)

Ugghh, Tomas' WBC is approaching severly low so we are (well at least he, and by default me) under house arrest.  We do get some grand days out involving car arrest when I am dropping off my older two for something. Then they have to disinfect and such before they get to get in the car for the trip home. Victoria is having an allergy/asthma flair up now and is supposed to be wearing a mask within 6 feet of the baby. Problem is I haven't been able to go to the store and get any.  Mike came home last night so he'll go tonight or tomorrow to get some, and also the hand sanitizer that has the moisturizers in it. The other ones dry up my hands horribly.

Yesterday I took everyone to the lab to have Tomas' retested since it's been a week since the low ones came in. It wasn't crowded but there was one lady sniffling into a tissue. I swear I've become like the germ gestapo. I parked us in the farthest corner from her I could. Poor thing must have felt like she had leprosy. Then I had to sign in and realized I used the pen that everyone else used to sign in with. Of course, I travel with hand sanitizer in my diaper bag, the car, the stroller, etc.. So I hope I was covered.

After the lab, Tomas had 2 appt's, and we had about 2 hours to kill in between them (they are about 40 minutes away from home, but only 5 minutes from each other) and I had to get everyone lunch. I thought since it was a weekday afternoon the food court at the mall would be ok. I had Tomas in the stroller with the cover on it and the girls each got to have their favorite foods. Usually, when we do drive through someone is always crying because she doesn't like the chioce the other girl made. Anyway, it was very empty and all was great until I turned around from paying for Victoria's cheeseburger and there were suddenly like 20 people in line there with us. I don't know where they came from. We just found an isolated table and ate. Then we all have to scrub up again before we can touch Mr. don'tgetyourgermsonme. I'm anxiously awaiting the results of the lab to see if we can resume normally scheduled activities!

Tomas saw ENT and GI yesterday. ENT wants a baseline pH probe before any attempts at gastric feeds, GI wants to wait for the probe until after the first attempt. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. I am so nervouse about trying to do a bolus into his stomach. I do not WANT him to have to stay on continuous J feeds but he is SAFE on continuous J feeds. GI thinks he's ready for a bolus, and doesn't think he'll try to vomit it up. Tomas has lost weight, as planned (weird, huh? - read back around mid-September if you need a refresher) and the GI doctors theory is that now that his body doesn't have an overabundance of calories, his stomach will work just fine. I am scared to death. The pulmonoligist called to check on him last night and said not to try anything over the weekend, just in case. As if!

The girls are going to a movie night at another friends house and then Mike is taking them to a motorcycle show of Sunday after church, so I guess it will be a quiet weekend for me.

God bless,

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  1. Where have I been! I missed everything. Sometimes my blog list doesn't update. Gosh you have your hands full.That whole ENT and GI talk would have me nervous/ scared too.
    Sending prayers!