Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why Don't babies understand Daylight Savings time?

Tomas woke up at his usual 6am and I unhooked all his stuff, changed his diaper, and scuffled out to the kitchen for my coffee and realized it was really only 5am!!!! Ugghh.

The 24 hour recordable pulse ox session (saga) is over and the home health company comes for it tomorrow. I found myself in the weird position of praying for a deep desat. It didn't happen, unless I missed it. The lowest he went was 79. I was really hoping for one of those 60s.

Halloween was so much fun. We started out at a friend's house and had 15 kids with us. We were joking that we could wipe out a house's candy supply with just one stop. Later on I took the girls home so they could go around our neighborhood with Mike (he had to work earlier), but it got so cold they were only out about 1/2 hour. Tomas always loves being outside so he had a great time watching all the goings on. He did not recognize Olivia though - Victoria yes. It was funny.

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