Saturday, August 28, 2010

I did it!

I taught a whole month of school with no falling behind! When I planned for the school year, I knew we were going on vacation at the end of August so I backed into our start date by figuring a month of school before a week long break sounded reasonable. I really never thought we'd get it done. Last school year was so haphazard, and I just didn't want to repeat that randomness. Even with a hospital stay and too many appts. to count we got it all done. I am so happy, and relieved, that I can go away and not feel like I was already behind.
Tomas is doing very well. All 3 of my kids had pulmonary appts. this week and he is doing great from her standpoint. He still has some lung issues so he needs to stay on his meds (I was hoping to drop one of them but she said he still needed it), and a baseline retraction, but all in all he breathes like a champ these days. The other two kids are doing fine, just adjustments for their asthma/allergies.
His darn cold sores won't go away around his mouth. I probably should have done something before vacation but now it will have to wait until we get back. Hem/onc mentioned something about an anti-fungal.
I've not heard back from GI about the metabolic tests, but at this point I will wait until we get back.
We are off to San Antonio. I hope I remember to pack everything. I am thinking of leaving the suction machine home since it is summer and I hardly use it right now. I am so afraid that will be jinxing us though. We are also planning on being outside most of the week and Tomas doesn't do so well with the heat. I bought an umbrella that attaches to his stroller so maybe that will help.
Wishing you all a great week!


  1. Sounds great! Have a wonderful time... you Yankee! LOL

    I think we can still be friends!!!

  2. Good for you! San Antonio in August - good luck trying to keep cool!!