Sunday, August 1, 2010


The doctor was just in, it is not diabetes, adrenal gland or major liver malfunction, not sure yet what it IS. Tomas is the most difficult patient on the endocrine floor and quite the mystery. Why am I not surprised? We will be here until "best case scenario - Tuesday". National expert on pediatric hypoglycemia is coming on tomorrow. Today they are testing for dumping syndrome because the Dr. thinks he has that AND whatever this other thing is that caused last nights drop.


  1. You are the best for updating so often!! And is that just good timing on the National expert??

    Some pretty hefty diseases were ruled out, that's good.

  2. praying for answers. i can't even imagine all that you guys are going through. i've seen first had one can happen when blood sugars get too low. my youngest sister has had juvenile diabetes since she was 8. it can be very scary at times, and takes such a toll on them when they bottom out.

    you are so amazingly strong whether you see that all the time or not. and none are stronger than little tomas!