Sunday, August 1, 2010

A rather intense lesson on the Theory of Relativity

Low blood sugars can cause convulsions, seizures, coma, and/or brain damage.

When Tomas hit 54 his nurse called the lab to come up and verify. When they drew blood and ran it his sugars were 38. That meant the fast was over, lab tests needed to be run, and then the nurse could give him his rescue meds.
 This is where Einstein comes in. Time is relative, as manmade a contraption as the computer I am typing on. In reality there is only this moment, and this moment ebbs and flows and stretches and contracts all with the state of your emotional being.
And last night my emotional being made time stand still. I carried Tomas the rag doll and paced the room and waited. Every little bit he tried to cry but he did not have the energy, and I waited. The nurse was in the room with us, waiting, and watching. Then the charge nurse came in too, and we all waited. The lab tech came, drew blood, the nurse pushed the rescue med through the IV, and we all waited. For his eyes to open, for him to lift his head, for that smile. Nothing happened. 10 minutes of nothing and pacing and rocking my unresponsive son. His nurse checked his sugars - 43,  now we had to wait another 10 minutes.
10 minutes, 10,000 years, time is relative.
Next sugar check - 42. It didn't work. The charge nurse and Tomas' nurse looked at each other and that made my stomach cramp hard. The charge nurse left to call the doctor who wanted to know if Tomas didn't make it to 60 at the 20 minute mark. Not even close.
2nd rescue med was given and we still waited. 5 more minutes until another sugar check. Eyes opened, head lifted, and mommy inhaleds deeply for the first time in half an hour! He perked up, looked around, and promptly fell asleep. That time a peaceful, blood sugar of 118, I'm just tired from what you put me through sleep.
He slept through the night well and I calmed down about 2 hours later and slept well also. His nurse said she has never had a patient not respond to the glucagon (first rescue med). I'm so not surprised. I pray, pray, pray this brings results. He performed beautifully, now we have to wait and see what the tests and doctors come back with.


  1. I prayed that the docs would get to the bottom of Tomas' problems, but I didn't order all this Drama!!! I truly hope this opens up to a lot of questions answered.
    Again thanks for the updates!

  2. This makes my heart just stop because low blood sugar is one component that caused Jax brain injury! I don't mean to scare you, but the lab called and said Jax glucose was 17, but the doctor is pretty sure it bottomed out to 0 because of the time it takes the lab to run it and call us!
    These doctors need to find out what is causing this!!

  3. What more can I say, besides we will continue to pray.


  4. Oh no - it left off a part of my message!
    Here it is again - HUGS!

  5. How awful and scary. Continued prayers.