Sunday, August 15, 2010

A normal week???

For the second time since January we had no doctors appointments this past week. I wanted to type that on Thursday but was so very afraid I would jinx myself. No doctors appointments, a full week of school, mopped floors and all the rest. Today we even went to the mall.
Now for the fine print - Yesterday when I vented (checked for air bubbles) Tomas' stomach a large amount of blood and clots came out. He has had it before but not at the quantity he had yesterday. It was 4:30 which meant if I called anyone they were going to tell me to take him to ER.  So I called my husband instead. And he had a good idea! Really. He said to switch him over to J feeds for the night and let his stomach heal. I did, and this morning when I checked, his stomach acid was a beautiful clear liquid. Yes, I used "stomach acid" and "beautiful" in the same sentence. After I checked it this morning I hooked him back up to stomach feeds to see whether yesterday's blood was a fluke, or if he really can't tolerate food in his belly anymore. Tonight I checked and it was bloody again but not as bad as yesterday - more like what I've seen on past occasions. He also had way too much food in there, as if his stomach isn't moving it through. So I am going to buy us the weekend with J feeds (thank God he still has the GJ and I can switch back and forth) and on Monday I'll call GI. That means 2 appts. next week.
Which begs the question - was this past week really normal? Or has that now become the exception? Whatever it was I'll take it! Please Sir, may I have some more?


  1. I wouldn't have said anything Thursday either. You know that would have been a jinx! Those weeks are indeed so nice!

  2. Normal is overrated,don't you think?I think you will take it for what it was and what it was was beautiful.

    Wondering what the GI guru had to offer in the way of suggestions.

    Praying for an easy week.You all sure deserve it.