Friday, October 29, 2010

God and Tomas, epilogue

There is so much more to tell, so many more ways God has walked and is walking through this journey with us, but I wanted this to be the story of the beginning; of how we came to be where we are. Each of us was stretched, and shaped, and reformed individually, and yet our family is also something different than what is was before, something better. This experience, and here I am speaking of the medical complications that abound - not the DS, has been so grueling and so exhausting and so not over with that finding something positive to say should be very difficult. It should be, but it isn't. Tomas is exactly what we never knew we wanted. He has taken our family and carried all of us to a place where every smile matters, where the days breathe with possibilities, and joy reigns supreme. It was not the end of the world - it was the beginning of one.


  1. And this is the first chapter of your book ...

  2. Well said my friend! Savor every moment :) Beautiful... Jen

  3. I think you could NOT have said it more perfectly. Your family is in my thoughts often. You and Tomas are such blessings to eachother!