Sunday, October 17, 2010

God and Tomas, part six

The next morning another girlfriend came to pick up the girls to take them on a field trip. I had a doctors appt. that morning. Actually, at that point I had a doctor's appt. every Friday and non-stress tests twice a week.
We stood on my front lawn and I told her I could see the hand of God in the life of the baby, but I had no idea what He had in store for my marriage. I told her I was sure my husband would get there. He is a good man, and a faithful man, and I knew he would come around, but it was that time in between that would be very painful. I thought it would take a while, perhaps as long as waiting until the baby was born and my husband could see, and hold, touch him. She told me to let God handle it, and to let it be what it would be. They drove off, and I left a few minutes later for the doctor.
I was crying as I drove. Not sobbing, but a this-is-going-to-be-hard-Lord-because-I-really-love-that-man cry. The road led south down through a narrow part of the island and after about six miles curved onto the bridge that brought you to the mainland. My car had a sunroof, and about 1 mile into the drive I noticed three birds flying overhead. In a triangle. They stayed the entire time, right up until I turned onto the bridge. I had been shored up, and carried on eagle's wings.
The next day my husband took our daughters and our two dogs to his parents house. The dogs were going to stay out on their property while we listed our house and had the baby. Too much to take care of all at once, and his parents had graciously let us leave the dogs on their farm until we were ready for them. The girls were going for a visit, and the three of them were coming back the next day. I was too far along and still having contractions all the time, so no travel for me. He kissed me goodbye, and it was cold and we both knew it. I watched them leave. And I wondered, how long before he comes back to me, and I didn't mean in a corporeal sense.
Late the next evening they all came home. We tucked the girls in and went to another part of the house. And there he was, full of all the right words, and all the right hopes, and all the right determination.  My marriage had been torn down and rebuilt in three days.  "Tear down this temple and I will rebuild it in three days."
It is a different marriage now. It was always a good one, but quite simply, this one can not be severed. We walk with confidence now through this journey, that no matter what, we will have each other. And as for Tomas, the most tender part of my husband's heart is reserved for him.


  1. Loving the story. We all went to Ft Christmas that day.

  2. Beautifully told. While I can empathize with the turmoil of the time, I can also see the strength and faith that carried you through, and still does to this day.