Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back in the saddle again (re-admitted)

Tomas is back in the hospital again. It has only been 6 days since we were on this floor .
Yesterday he had OT at 9, and he was tired so sitting in his high chair. About halfway through the hour he looked over at me and just started crying, always an indicator that something is big time wrong with him. You've all seen that smile.
I ran and grabbed his bile drain and hooked it up to his G port. Sure enough about an ounce of bile came out. Ok - that is not a completely unheard of occurrence. But a half hour later the same thing happened, and again a bit after that. At that point I left his bile drain open and he wanted nothing more than to sit in his seat inside his crib and watch VeggieTales. I would have loved to have been able to switch his feeds over to pedialyte, but because of the hypoglycemia, I can't. It doesn't have enough sugar to sustain him. His heart rate climbed steadily and around 4 pm he began running a fever. I had called pedi and GI earlier and they both said the same thing. If I couldn't maintain him at home to bring him to Dallas. Around 4:30 I called it.
There was a pretty scary part there in traffic when his heart rate was 180 and his O2 was 93 that I thought I waited too long, but we made it. I got rushed through triage and brought right back to an exam room.  Several tests, labs, cultures, and Iv meds later, he is admitted back onto the GI floor.
He is on full gut rest and still having significant bile output through his G. Docs rounded this morning and are ordering full rest for two days and then a small bowels series on Monday morning to look for obstructions.
Tomas is quite the bit perkier today. After switching from feeding him to giving him IV fluid he slowly became his happy go lucky self again. This morning he had a brief relapse after his morning meds were pushed through to his belly and intestines, but some anti-nausea IV meds and leaving him alone after that helped a lot.
So he either has a tummy bug and can go home on Tuesday if he tolerates his feeds, or he has some kind of blockage, and can go home goodness knows when.
Fun times - but at least I have my husband to keep me amused!


  1. Poor little guy. Praying he goes home soon!

  2. UGH!!!!!!!!! And yippee for amusing husbands!