Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 4

Ok- small bowel series=same torture as upper GI series. Can't anyone come up with a kinder gentler version? Sheesh. Lots of new petechiae over that one!

It showed no blockage, which is a double edged sword. A blockage meant a bowel clean out and perhaps surgery depending on what was found. So it is great that is off the table, however (HATE that word) it complicates things. Why did his GI tract shut down? It has happened in the past but because I didn't know about his ketone issue, I would just try to keep his sugars up at home. The doctor is thinking the psuedo obstruction path may be what is going on. He said the key would be to find the one "syndrome" that ties all this stuff together. Hah - just a great big "Duh!" to that one.

Anyway - we are going to try feeding him, since there is no reason he can't have food, and his bile drainage has slowed down quite a bit. He will be starting on pedialyte 10 ml/hour and then work his way up to his goal rate of 62 ml/h. If all goes well he can go home tomorrow!

That would be awesome as I have major logistic issues starting tomorrow afternoon and would have had to leave him overnight tomorrow - which would have just killed me.

So prayers he tolerates his feeds, and we get out tomorrow. Then follow up prayers for the upcoming metabolic clinic appt. for wisdom so docs can start piecing this all together!


  1. My dear friend, I wish so much I was closer and could take the girls for you. You can send them to me anytime, I'll pick them up at the gate. :) Prayers for all you mentioned. Now may I ask where is his "happy" pillow case? Love you guys.