Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good news!

His platelets are back up, way back up, more than double what they were on the 15th. His RBCs are still slightly low but up from the last draw. The doctor said that he doesn't think anything is looming but he would check the smear and get back to me only if things weren't right.
Now for the typical pattern with my son, who likes to take two steps forward and one step backward. At least you can still make progress that way. His ANC is back down to moderate levels of Neutropenia. Since that has been bouncing around and with this last draw scare the doctor wants to go back to monitoring him once a month. I'll just keep cheching the insurance thing before each appt. until my time is up. He had been cleared to every six months, but honestly, I find this a good thing. I was happy when he was cleared but just so nervous about not having anyone check him. The doctor said he was too medically complicated. No kidding!

Thanks everyone for praying for him and me, it serves to remind me of where my mind SHOULD be.