Sunday, February 7, 2010

Praying to stay out of the hospital

Friday Tomas had his one year check up. He had started breathing just a teenie bit harder than normal and sounded slightly congested. His doctor was not impressed with the symptoms, and really it was so slight it is pretty much the only mamma can tell the difference thing. However, beacuse Tomas has broken out with quite a few petechiae (small red spots that don't blanche under pressure) he ordered a CBC. The rash can be indicitive of a low platelet count, and since he has a history it was time to check.

His platelet count and RBC were both normal (yeah), but his ANC (infection fighting WBCs) was back down again, and his overall WBC was high. The pediatrician said that probably means he has a virus. He said they are seeing some other nasty stuff other than just RSV this year. To try to make it through the weekend and call if I needed anything.

Yesterday he was breathing harder than normal (even for those who are not his mommy), and bouncing his O2. I increased his neb treatments to every 3 hours and put him on O2 for the whole day. He ended up at 1 1/2 liters per minute. 2 Lpm is as high as I can go at home because he is still so little (16 lbs. 2 oz.  - he was born at 5 and we have fought for every ounce of those 11 pounds thank you very much!). This morning he had a coughing spell around 4 am (again, why do these things never happen at 4pm?????), but I suctioned him and he went back to sleep for a while. He is holding his own and I am hoping that just staying on top of his breathing treatments will be enough to help him fight this off. Today he has had periods of looking tired and out of it, but then will bounce back and be his playful happy self, so keep your fingers crossed!

Here is his rash - it is hard to see the redness with the camera but he looks a lot like Opie from Mayberry. The first time it happened I was really worried they would be permanent, but they fade after a little while.


  1. Praying things only get better from here on out - no trips to the hospital :)

  2. AWWW, poor baby, sending prayers to you. Hope you can just continue to manage at home. There is some nasty virus going around that has hit some blogs I follow.

    And BTW, by the time we get to church I am usually completely flustered. I treasure the time in church because I know what's coming as soon as we walk out the doors!

  3. Praying he'll bounce back without a trip to the hospital. Call me if you need me.

  4. There's definitely nastier stuff than RSV, what we have, metapnuemo virus, its nasty. Hoping you can stay home and avoid a germy hospital.