Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We are a go!

The oncology group is going to stop taking Unicare in the future but for today we are a go. I will deal with the future when it gets here.  It has been a very long weekend.

On Friday I ended up taking Tomas to the pulmonologist because he was desatting like crazy. He looked so good though and was playing and not breathing hard or anything. She kept him on her monitor for a while and he was fine, she listened to him and he was fine. Initially she thought it was my machine, but as we were packing up to go she pulled the report from the chest x-ray on Wed.

He is still showing signs of chronic aspiration. The only thing left for him to aspirate on is his saliva. So with that info she thinks it was probably just a particularly bad aspiration episode and he then recovered from it. He is still on the med to dry up his secretions and other than that there isn't much to do for him except trach him. He is not nearly bad enough for that. He has a hard time every now and then, but on the whole manages ok.

There was something else on the report though. There is ALWAYS (ok maybe not ALWAYS but it sure feels like ALWAYS) something else. His right lung has trapped air and the lower lobe is expanded beyond the mediastinum (mid-point of the chest cavity) into the left lung space. She was going to pull the films from the hospital and then get back to me. She said it could be cysts, or emphysema. I asked how to fix it and she said "Well, let's talk about that later." That can't be good.

I was hoping to hear back from her yesterday, but no luck. Hopefully, today will be a day of answers. Limbo is never a good place to dwell.

Yesterday I was reminded of how much God will provide for us if we are open to Him. A dear friend, whom I have known for more years than I would like to think about, had all of her logistical prayers anwered. Her 5 year old son is going in for his second heart surgery, this one is an eight hour open heart. The hospital is 4 hours from her house. She was trying to find affordable lodging, pet care, and figure out how to pay for everything . She got a call from her church yesterday and one family has offered their condo near the hospital for them to stay in, another has offered to stock it with food, another has offered to care for her dogs. Her husband's boss is donating some of his vacation days to cover what shortage her husband had. God simply took their family and wrapped them tight in His providence. I so needed that reminder!


  1. Sometimes while we dwell in limbo,our view of God's subtle messages and reminders of His promise to not abandon us,are difficult to see.Through others journey's, is often where we receive our best glimpses.

    Praying for answers and peace in the process.

  2. Love that story about your friend and how God provided for them!!! There is always hope that things will work out. As I write this, I am thinking that you are at the oncologists office getting Tomas' results. Praying for something positive.