Monday, February 8, 2010

We made it through the weekend!

Hooray for Monday morning. Now. at  least there is one stop between him and the hospital. He actually has not got any worse. He isn't any better either, but I will DEFINITELY take not any worse. I'm thinking he's gonna beat it. We still have his low ANC to deal with, but that just means house/car arrest and lots of hand sanitizer until his numbers climb. Thanks everyone.


  1. Such a cute family. I too say life is harder but definately better. Hooray for a normal platelet count. Hopefully this will be a better week and he can fight the virus.

  2. Thanks to good mothering! Glad he is no worse!

  3. It hard because Jax is trached so its harder to tell what his cough sounds like. But it started as just coughing nonstop! We actually thought it was his airway that was irritated. The respiratory distress didn't start for a few days after the horrible coughing started.