Friday, February 26, 2010

Afternoon coffee (because tea doesn't cut it)

Last night around 11 Victoria came down and said her throat hurt. I gave her some water and tylenol and back to bed she went. Mike got in from Austin around 12:30 with a speeding ticket in hand ($300!!!!) - he said he was not paying attention - uh, duh!. Men. Around 2 am Tomas woke up with diaper issues, around 4am Victoria came back downstairs with a sore throat again and a big sister who she dragged out of bed to accompany her through the dark and scary hallways. More tylenol, and at 4:15 I was laying a bunch of blankets on my floor so both girls could sleep in our room. At 5am Tomas wakes up for the day. At  7 Victoria wakes up crying, so I figure it is bad enough to take her to the doctor. Tomas had an eye appt. at 11:15 and Olivia had horesback riding lessons at 3. So at 8am I called the pediatrician, and he could see Victoria at 9. Ok, make poor Olivia get up and get dressed so she can watch Tomas, race to the shower , drag Victoria out of bed and quick change her clothes, throw a headband in her mop, grab some pancakes (I make a huge batch and store them in the fridge - and now you know why) and milk boxes and off we go. I can't leave the other two with Mike because he has to leave for Dallas to have laser surgery on his Type A eye disease.

I always laughed at the Army commercial that said "We do more before 8am then most people do all day." Hah!

Well, we made it through, and I think God took pity on me because when we got home the riding instructor said the weather was too bad for a lesson today. This means Olivia really got the short end of the stick today, but she's 9 and will recover, and I get to have an afternoon cup of coffee!

So here's the lowdown: Victoria has another sinus infection. That makes 6 in 10 months and is enough to win her a ticket to the ENT for an adenoid and tonsil checkup. Tomas caught a break and only has a slight wandering in the right eye and is just barely nearsighted. He doesn't have to go back for a year. That is one whole body part that I don't have to worry about or do anything about for one whole year!!! As for my husband (aka - Mr. Type A) if you don't already know he has Central Serous Retinopathy - a leak in the back of the retina which affects his vision - here is the description - CSR is a disease of the young to middle-aged. Men are more often affected than women by at least a 10:1 ratio. Type A personality (competitive drive, sense of urgency, aggressive nature, and hostile temperament) may be a risk factor for its development. And, as I wrote on FB this morning, he is driving himself to and from the appt! As I tell my dear friends all the time, he is soooo lucky I find him funny.


  1. You need some Irish coffee! Come friend me on FB.
    my last name is Kaczmarzyk

  2. OK. I no longer feel sorry for myself today! And yes he is lucky that you find him funny!!!

  3. I wanted to tell you, the bag for our Joey is actually an infinity pump bag. We had the infinity for a while, I don't know if you've ever tried it. Its very small, but if the bag tips over it immediatly stops. And priming it is a pain. I love the Joey, how it primes itself. It is a little bulky, but thats ok. I do hate the joey bag, this one was a tight fit for a while, but now its stretched out fine, and its a lot better looking!