Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ok, so everyone is sick. Olivia, Victoria, Tomas, and Mike (I am hanging in there but only because I have been living on leftover antibiotics - sshhh...I know that nurse is around here somewhere). So I am taking the two delicately lunged children to the pulmonologist this afternoon. I talked to Mike this morning (in Arkansas) and he said he knew Victoria starting ballet would be a bad thing - he knew this would happen, and that he told me so. I told him to use his mystic powers to go buy a lottery ticket. I know I was supposed to marry him because really, who would get off the phone chuckling after a conversation like that? He can take any situation and put a negative spin on it - if you know what to look for it is really quite funny. Did any one see "Night at the Museum 2"? There is a part in there where Darth Vader and Oscar the Grouch want to join the bad guys. The leader tells Oscar he can't join because he's not really mean, just a little grouchy...The girls and I just looked at Mike and busted out laughing so hard!

On a more serious note, Tomas is pretty runny, crusty, coughing, the works. His O2 sats are still up, but his heartrate is way up too. I can feel some popping in his back, but I am hopeful it is just upper respiratory stuff. He is getting his Synagis shots every month, but I also know there are some other pretty bad viruses (is that the plural of virus?)  out there. If it is a nasty one it could delay the surgery. Ugh...


  1. Oh man! Bless your heart. Mike's going to enclose your house in a bubble. Hope everyone gets better soon. Call me if you need me.
    I know someone else whose nickname really is Oscar the Grouch! LOL

  2. Oh, your poor family. YOu simply can't get sick because you have to take care of everyone. HOpe you are all on the mend soon and that nothing turns serious. Ella just got a Synagis shot yesterday...her first one of the season....dumb insurance!!

  3. Thank you for the beautiful birthday wishes in the wee hours of the morning.Little Miss Zoey is fighting a nasty cold as well.So is mom.The little guys are two weeks now with coughs but seem to be finally kicking it.Home for spring break college girl has something and the eldest said she has a massive headache ... always something here.Zoey has a well visit tomorrow.. I'll be pushing for an antibiotic as it always stays in her sinus'.So we are trying to make the cranky birthday girl happy... I am dreading starting her in school for this reason.Bound to catch more.We are opting for only 3 days to begin.Seems long enough for me to be away from her anyhow.

    Sending prayers and our persona; mystic powers so that the house will heal... especially the little fragile one.

  4. I love that movie. I kind of think its a guy thing. They think they know everything. I agree about buying a lottery ticket!