Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alligator Death Roll

Well, we saw the pulmonologist yesterday and she said he sounded great, but was still having trouble moving air. She said it was from a flair-up of his reactive airway disease due to the RSV. I need to keep up the increased breathing treatments for another 2 weeks and then he should be well enough to get his next Synagis shot. It so stinks that RSV is something you can get again. She told me he was very sick. I wanted to say "Duh!" But really, if it weren't for her he would've been in the hospital. I mean what other doctor is even in thier office at 8pm, much less tells you to bring your sick kid in. I would've gone to ER, he would've been admitted and we both would've spent several sleepless days at the hospital. I'm very grateful. She also said in 1 month she will clear him for the surgery, and to make sure his ANC is cleared by oncology before the surgeon adds Tomas to the schedule. I'm glad for the month respite to catch my breath, get the girls 100%, and get back into something of a routine for a while.
While all the illnesses have been raging through Tomas has decided to hit some milestones. He has started dancing to music, shaking his head "no" to any question you ask him, and initiating the alligator death roll during diaper changes.
Those of you not from FL may not be familiar with this developmental milestone. It is defined as the act of spinning and convulsing wildly . Gators do this to kill their pray, babies do this to kill their parents. Gators do it to make small chunks fly off their prey so they can eat it, babies do it to make small chunks of other stuff fly out of their diaper so parents never want to eat again.
I got the dancing on video, I'll spare you the death roll.

Sorry can't get the video to load, I'll try again later


  1. I'll get the popcorn ready. I'm sure this video will be a treat!

  2. Oh the dreaded death roll! I guess I should be thankful that my 4 year old can't roll over!

  3. Funny - I've never heard it called that before. But Max just started doing it, too - ugh. Hope Tomas feels better soon!

  4. I love the description of the "alligator death roll" much cuter than our "down for the count wrestling match"! I hope Tomas starts feeling better soon!