Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It has been a crazy filled few days. Victoria had her abdominal ultrasound on Monday and her spleen is indeed enlarged. Olivia went to the pediatrician yesterday to have her blood drawn to check for mono. Of course that came back positive this morning. The doctor said she is in the recovery stage and that means she has had it about a month or so. That matches up to when everyone started getting sick around here. She also said it could take as long as a year to completely recover. I can't imagine this going on for a year. Yesterday both girls were fairly perky but today they are still sleeping at 10:30 in the morning. They have been asleep for about 14 hours. The doctor said that the good days will wear them out and it will be a long time before their stamina is back to normal.
Unfortunately, both pediatricians (there are two in the group) have now both said that dirt bike riding is out. One said for at least a month the other said for six months. That means most of riding season is gone for this year. Mike has just bought his off road bike and a trailer to hold all 3 bikes and was planning many fun mini-vacations for the 3 of them. Now we'll just have to find some other more easy going fun things to do. Boy do I wish we still lived close to the beach.
I spoke with the ENT and the pediatrician; they both feel it is ok for Victoria to go ahead with the adenoid and tonsil removal next Wednesday.
Next Monday Tomas gets clearance (fingers crossed) for his surgery, then we meet with his surgeon on Tuesday, and Victoria's surgery is Wednesday. I'm sure she's going to feel puny between the mono and the recovery, but she would have been in bed anyway and at least this way I'm hoping to avoid any more of those nasty sinus infections she gets.
I have told God that this is enough and I hope He doesn't think that I can handle any more. I appreciate that He finds me this strong but hope He has no plans to make me any stronger. Of course, this is when that famous sense of humor comes into play.


  1. You poor thing!! At least you finally have answers for everything and can start the recovery process...just get everything out of the way at once this year!!!

  2. Oh my, you've got alot going on. The "BRIGHT" side is that you have plan....the "BRIGHTER" side is that it will be over soon! We'll be sending tons of positive energy your way to help carry you through:)

  3. Crazy is right. This is partly why I think 2 kids is plenty for me :)

  4. I just took a break from water yuckiness and Easter cooking to come see how my bloggy friends are doing. You're not doing so well in your home! Goodness!
    Ya know when the water started pouring in, i just kept asking God, 'ok where are you going with this". I still don't know. Any hoo, what I'm trying to say is that God does give us more than we can handle!! Daily sometimes! That's why you have friends (like me)hehe, sending you hugs and prayers!!! and wishes for a wonderful Easter!