Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Digging out

Ok, for starters. RSV stinks! I am slowly digging out of the germ pit we have all been living in for the last week. Tomas' nose has dried up, but he is still retracting and coughing a lot. He has a pulm. appt. on Friday, his O2 is good though so I don't think I need to move it up. The girls finally perked up yesterday and we all went outside for the beautiful weather we had.  I feel very fortunate that Tomas made it through without needing to go to the hospital. We had everything here we needed to care for him (except for the wakey-wakey fairy who could wave her magic wand and make mommy not be too tired to give baby his 2am breathing treatments - I stopped doing them 2 days ago, and he is not any worse so I'm rolling with it). Mike stayed home last week and just left yesterday for CO.  Hopefully, a few more days and we'll all be 100%.  Tomorrow is oncology and I will find out about the bone marrow biopsy but for now I'm just happy we made it through!

This was his one and only bath during the RSV week (as it has become know around my house!)
He REALLY enjoys the water.
I have cut his hair twice already!
I was getting my coffee this morning when Victoria came out and said Tomas was awake. I told her I know I'll be right there. I went in to the bedroom and found this! She had sat him up but didn't feel it necessary to remove any wires! He had added to the mess by grabbing the baby monitor.
Can you believe I didn't get up at 2 am to do a breathing treatment for this face???


  1. He is such a cutie!! Ella loves her bath too but hates getting water in her face so she always fights the face and hair washing part. I am glad that he is feeling better and am anxiously waiting to hear what they say tomorrow at oncology!!

  2. Honestly he is the cutest! I love the hair!!! He is sitting up so straight and tall :) Love the pics!- Jen

  3. No worries at all. I'm just glad you found our blog!! I love it when new people find our blog. Your little guy is precious!!!!! Glad I can follow your blog!

  4. oh, I'm so glad Tomas made it through at home!
    Those pictures are adorable. I love the hair!!!!