Tuesday, March 23, 2010

But why are they still sick?

It has been a few days since I've posted but what little free time I've had I've spent curled in a corner asking "Why, why, why?". Ok, not really, but yes they are STILL sick.
I took Victoria for her CT scan on Friday. Yesterday Tomas and Victoria were at the pulmonologist's office bright and early. Tomorrow I have a phone conference with the ENT to go over the results. Thursday all three have dental appts and Friday I have to bring Tomas back to the pulm. Add 4 therapy sessions and 2 extracurricular activities into the mix this week and you can see why the corner is so appealing.
The pulmonologist said Victoria's asthma is minor but she has a prolonged exhale so whatever is going on with her sinuses is starting to take it's toll. She adjusted meds and increased treatments until her sinus issues are under control. She also thinks that the girls may have mono or walking pneumonia, especially because they are so tired still. She started them both on antibiotics to cover the mycoplasma (pneumonia) bacteria just in case, because the two courses they've already had didn't cover it. Yesterday afternoon Olivia told me she felt a small wheeze and the inside of her chest was itchy and can I please do CPT on her. She HATES CPT, I almost fell over. I called the doctor to find out if I needed to do a treatment first or if I could go straight to CPT. She said to go ahead and do the treatment first, and then asked me "But why are they still sick?" I told her she was supposed to tell me, and that was the million dollar question.
Over the weekend Tomas started getting stuffy again, so on Monday morning he was SUPPOSED to start his Synagis shots again, but the pulm. said he was getting sick again so no go. He was started on two more weeks of antibiotics and she is going to recheck him on Friday to make sure they are working. If they are then he can get the shot and get cleared for surgery 2 weeks after that. If not, who knows. His heart rate is so high though, everything is squishing into that little chest cavity and his heart is getting smooshed. He really needs the surgery as much as it makes my stomach hurt just to type that.
So, until the dust clears I made a medicine chart for my little asthmatics (they are not contagious anymore even if it is mono or mycoplasma - but their asthma flairs and makes it harder to get all better). There are 30 medicines I'm doling out every day, and 4 CPT sessions ( 2 for Tomas, and 2 for Olivia). A lot of them are pulmonary and go in the nebulizer, and some the girls can do on their own if I make sure they remember them. It really is crazy, but I'm good at crazy, had lots of practice over the years.


  1. Crazy! How many rounds of the dreaded steroids have they had? I just wonder if our crazy allergy season has anything to do with it?

  2. So I guess I was wrong, everyone is not well. Ugh, they are probably passing things back and forth. Oh how I wish for warmer weather. That corner does sound appealing!

  3. Oh my....you really have your hands full right now. One thing I do remember about TX is that the wacky weather will screw with your breathing if you have any breathing issues. Thankfully my family did not but I remember many of our friends did. Hope things take a turn for the better really soon!!!

  4. I am so sorry you are so slammed with doctor appts and sickness. Hopefully they will get feeling better soon. So waiting for warm weather here.

  5. Ugh. Hope everyone gets feeling better sooon!