Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We have had several ordinary days around here. Yup, you read it right. I did school with the girls on Monday AND Tuesday. Can't remember the last time we had two days in a row. We had fun making barometers and making messy goo while learning about surface tension. We made yummy chocolate chip bars and I did laundry AND dusted. I'm telling you - I feel almost domestic.

We only had 1 doctor visit this week and it wasn't for Tomas. Sweet Victoria still has something going on with her sinuses and I took her to see Tomas' ENT today. I thought it was her adenoids but he said he didn't think it was that simple. IS ANYONE SURPRISED??? He ordered a CT scan and told me to bring her to the pulmonologist because her incessant cough is a hybrid of her asthma and whatever she's got going on in her nose. So she and Tomas are going together on Monday morning at 8 am. It is the only new patient appt. the Dr. has that week. I can be ready to go at 7:30am, Tomas can be ready to go at 7:30am, but God please oh please help me get Victoria ready to go at 7:30am. She coughs so much it takes her forever to fall asleep and then she coughs in her sleep so she is SOOO tired in the morning. Most mornings she sleeps until 9 or 10 and then it is another hour before she is moving around much. It was a little better before she got sick, but now forget it. Thank God I homeschool.

Isn't she pathetic? I actually bought her a Barbie doll today and she probably has about 50 already. I haven't bought her one in a long time, but everyone else does (and you all know who you are) because she loves them. But today I couldn't bear it. So she got a Blingdom Barbie with a glitter off the shoulder shirt and a little pink froo froo poodle - Oh if you only knew how that makes my skin crawl. But she loves it. She is still sleeping with the mermaid one her Abuela bought her back in Jan. so now she has to make room in her bed (actually my bed as Mike is out of town) for one more. Anyone every get a Barbie hand jabbing you in the back in the middle of the night?
Olivia and Tomas are fine. The ENT even checked his ear tubes just in case they needed fixing, he was going to do it during the surgery. But they're good so no need. Yeah! He wants to do another sleep study about 3 months post op to see if fixing the reflux helps with the sleep apnea. Wouldn't that be wonderful - no more oxygen???


  1. Uh Oh. One more thing to interrupt your sleep. Poor Victoria! Tell her my asthma and allergies make me cough at night too. I got so accustomed to it as a child I "slept" through it. I hated mornings too! Thank goodness I have good inhalers now. At least she got a Barbie with glitter! Love that pink and bling! That always makes a girl feel better!

  2. Ordinary days are good!!! Barbies in your back at night are BAD!!! I can't even stand a soft chubby hand in my back at night. Hope you can get to the bottom of Victoria's ailments soon.

  3. Aww, the poor kid looks miserable! Barbie always can bring on a smile! She's the most chipper chick I know,lol

  4. Its been a while I hope everyone is healthy at your house now.
    As for the PICU and letting it go. When you have a child there for so long its more than just a hospital stay. I have a friend on my blog that had a horrible, long NICU stay and she actually has nightmares and has had to see a therapist about it! And it happened 3 years ago. I have let the brain injury go. My hubby not so much. Lets just say if he saw the intensivist in a dark alley she'd be in big trouble! I still have to take him to that hospital, I still see nurses involved. Of course it still makes me angry because he's severely delayed because of them, and has a significantly shorter life span now. But I don't cry about it every day. If people ask about the story i give all the details. I know you know PICU can be a horrible place, but its different when you live there for so long!