Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tomas continues to improve and tomorrow he sees pulm. to see how his lungs are doing. His oncolgy visit went great. His RBCs are up, platelets are up and even his ANC is on the rise. With the new trend he can now go to visits every 2 months. They also don't feel the need to do a bone marrow biopsy now, and since he has so much else going on for the upcoming surgery it can wait (hopefully forever). I should be happier, well I am very happy about the biopsy, but not with the office visits. We had to switch oncology groups back in Sept. because the first group stopped taking our insurance. Since then we have seen 3 different docs at the new group and they all have something different to say. First one said once a month, second one said once every six months, first one again  - back to every month, today third one said every 2 months. Please don't get me wrong, I am gratefull and thrilled his numbers are good, but I do not have a comfortable feeling with the consistency of this group.
Both girls are sick again and Victoria was running a 102 fever this morning, so squeezed them into pedi before the oncology appt. Victoria has a bacterial ear/nose/throat/gland infection and Olivia is sporting a viral upper respiratory. Bacterial is bad because of the neutropenia (though Tomas' numbers are near normal so I hope all will be ok) so she is wearing a mask. Well at least she is supposed to be wearing a mask. She is quaranteened in the guest bedroom though, so hope that works.
Thankfully, I stocked the candy dishes two days ago with goodies from the grocery store when everone was feeling perky. And I bought my husband's favorite jalapeno pretzels. Too bad he isn't coming home until tomorrow and they will be long gone. I really can't believe they are sick again. They were better for two days. Most likely they were never REALLY better, but sheez, cut me some slack here.
And yes this is an unabashed attempt at garnering all the "oh, poor baby"s I can. I shall then count them all up, tuck them into my apron pocket, and if you all have done a good job, I shall feel better.


  1. Ready the Lysol bombs girl! I am so happy to hear Tomas's numbers are up :) So sorry to hear the girls are sick again. I am praying for you because you run and you run... Praying for health and endurance! Hang in there and I have heard that fudge brownies are a great source of antioxidants!!! Jen

  2. How great that his numbers are up, but oh how frustrating about the docs and inconsistencies. I hate that! Go with your gut and what you feel is best for him.

  3. I can't believe they're sick again! Here's your "poor baby" with a "bless your heart" thrown in.