Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I can't even believe what has happened in my house in the last week but it is true.
Yesterday Tomas started getting really snotty and by last night he was gagging/retching.coughing/chocking so bad he couldn't keep his sats up. So I put his O2 on and added a bile drain (diaper at the end of an extension set connected to his G port) to drain sinus gunk that was dripping into his stomach.
I increased his saliva meds and added a decongestant and put him to bed in his infant chair so he was more upright than usual.
I spent the night suctioning, giving meds, fixing cannulas, and comforting baby. By early morning I was exhausted. I was so tempted to go get Mike (who was sleeping with Victoria because she is still pretty miserable - that surgery sucks; I don't care what anyone says about all the ice cream and pudding you can eat) but I didn't because I knew he had to wake up early and drive for 6 hours to get to Houston for an appt. today.
At 5:30 Tomas woke up snotty and crying. I stumbled to the crib and made sure all his lines were clear to lift, the feed line, the pulse ox line, the O2 line, BUT I FORGOT about the bile drain!!!!!! Sure enough it was stuck under the infant seat and when I lifted him up, the whole blankety, blank, blank thing came popping out!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrgg, I still can't believe it.
He wasn't upset as he was already miserable from whatever cold or thing he has going on (I actually think it looks a lot like the RSV he had last month but I can't even really think about that right now). I put his old G mic-key in and am running pedialyte through until I can call the GI in a little bit. I am watching for signs of low blood sugar as he was on pedialyte when it happened before.
Mike had to cancel his business trip and I know where we are going to end up today. Either the doctor will see us first and then send us over or tell us to go straight there. The worst part is, I don't know if anesthesia will clear him to go under (for tube placement) since he is so congested. And that is even if the hospital has his tube in stock. Ughhhh....Arrgghhh... and all the rest

Please pray for me as I am nearly out of reserve. I know the Lord will lift me up and I know the Blessed Mother is wrapping me in her mantle. There is no other explanation for why I am so calm. I'll try to update later today, although when I was at the hospital last time (3 DAYS AGO!!!!) I couldn't get a connection, but I'll try.


  1. Big Hug!!!!!!!! You know if there is anything I can do let me know. The ringer is on not vibrate.

  2. We are here and praying!!!!! Sending all our help to you through prayer!

  3. I agree that T&A's are the worst surgeries ever!!
    Do they have to put him under to put a GJ tube in? They never put Jax under, they just numb the site and put it in.
    I can't believe the sickies are still around your house. Maybe you should go to a hotel for a couple of nights and have someone lysol your whole house!!LOL

  4. Oh no! Sending hugs and prayers your way.