Friday, April 30, 2010

Tomas is stable in ICU and sedated to keep him from moving. The surgery went very well, and the doctor was able to do it all laproscopically. He said it was very intense and he was as glad as we were that it was over. The nissen was completely undone, he said all he could see of the previous one were the sutures still hanging off the stomach. The para-esophageal was huge and took a long time to close. He had a hard time finding the morgagni but did and was able to close it and then the last thing was removing the gall bladder. His labs are a little off but nothing that can't be fixed with some meds. He came of the vent a little after surgery and is on O2 now. He needs to stay very still so there is still a chance he may have to go back on the vent, but for now the narcotics are working and not lowering his heart rate too much. He has an arterial line in one arm, an IV in each leg, the cannula, all the monitoring leads, and a catheter. He is a mess. There are 5 small incisions in various places across his chest to go with the 3 he already had. It is one of my more imaginative friend's job to come up with an awesome story about why his chest looks like he wrestled a gator.
Looking back over the last 24 hours, the drive in was so quiet and dark. The pre-op with all my concerns and questions. Then the letting go - the kiss goodbye - and the long wait - the update phone calls - and finally the surgeon comes out. What a relief. No recovery, just straight to PICU, seeing him for the first time, scanning every inch like when he was first born. Then the swelling starts and the pain starts and I am all for them drugging my baby. The breakthrough moans of pain meant specifically to break my heart. The swollen red eyelids from the tape during the surgery, and oh, this is definitely not for the faint or weak.
But we roll along here, just like we rolled along through every day before it, with reliance on God and the knowledge that He has foreseen all, and will carry us through whatever tomorrow brings.
As far as I know, tomorrow is bringing an x-ray and TPN. He has woken up every hour since midnight in pain and needed medication. It has taken me 2 hours to right this post! At this point the vent would be a relief, but I'm not sure what they are going to do. Earlier, they gave him an anti-anxiety med mixed with his pain meds and he zonked for about 5 hours. I don't know if they will do that again but I sure hope so.
I know this post is a bit rambly but it has been a really long day with just bits and pieces of sleep.
Thank you all for your prayers, as always they draw me closer to the Lord and help to comfort me during the long wait.
God bless,


  1. Dorathy thank you so much for posting!! I was worrying... that's what I do.
    Praying that this surgery brings Tomas the miracle it was planned to. And praying for a quick recovery. Knowing your child is in pain has got to be the worst. Praying for your continued strength.
    Thanks again for the update!

  2. Praying they can get his pain under control! There are lots of things they can try if the basics don't work. Putting him back on the vent would make his recovery longer, we don't want that.

  3. Laproscopically - that is a HUGE delight! I mean huge! Pain will ease - day two is the hardest though. Dwell on the positive. Don't think about all the little details. That will wear you thin quickly. Hang in there. We are still praying.

  4. you never feel more helpless as to when you have to leave your child's side right before surgery. it's a horrible feeling and it certainly isn't fair that you guys have been through that more than once.

    such wonderful news that the surgery went well. praying for a safe, uneventful, and quick recovery for little tomas. he's such a strong little guy.