Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm tired of ....

posting about all the trauma in my house. So I'm not going to, suffice it to say we are still in the trenches.

Today I am going to focus on this -

At 16 months old my son uncurled his legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until now he remaind curled up tighter than an armadillo. He would moan if you forcefully straightend his legs and tried to make him bear weight. He would only last a few seconds if you were lucky before he buckled, most times you couldn't even get him into position. Even when you lifted him his legs would curl up with him. BUT NOT ANYMORE!

He actually did it a few days ago and I was amazed and kept testing to see if he would leave his legs straight when I tried to put his feet on the ground. And he did!! I actually sent Victoria into a fit of pain because I made her laugh with pretend walking him around to see if he would leave his feet on the floor.

My life before required so much more to bring joy into my world. But the BEST thing about having Tomas is that joy, real joy - God praising, heart exploding joy, comes in much smaller packages.

And that God sent that moment to me in the midst of one of the most exhausting weeks I've had in some time speaks volumes about how much He loves me.


  1. Good job Tomas:) Some things are SO worth waiting for!!! Let this be the beginning of even better things to come!!

  2. Fantastic! Amazing how things happen on HIS timetable not ours and it's always perfect.

  3. You are so right in that our joy comes in little things now, so perfectly put. Good job Tomas!!!

  4. Oh,how,wonderful!God knows when we need a pick me up :) I'm so happy for you!

  5. JOY ... seems we both are seeing that in our very own ways!

    Thank you for the beautiful comment and speaking of beautiful ... would you look at that darling boy of your's?So beyond beautiful!

  6. The small things, thats what we celebrate with our angels! Way to go Tomas!