Saturday, April 10, 2010

The last 72 hours

I must begin at the end and say everyone is home and resting. Why is that such a big deal? I shall begin...

On Wednesday morning Mike and I (and Olivia and Tomas) took my fireball princess in to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. The surgery went great and her doctor said her adenoids were very large and her tonsils were yucky (sparing you the gross details) and that it was a good thing everything had come out. She woke up in tons of pain and was crying, which brought on an asthma attack, which brought on breathing treatments and O2 support, which brought on several extra hours at the hospital. By the end of the day though, she was home and tucked in and getting medicated by parents pleading with her to open her very sore mouth.
On Thursday morning and again Thursday evening Olivia had severe enough asthma attacks to bring on wheezing. A phone call to the doctor, increase in treatments, and a CT scan for her come Monday morning. Victoria was of course, quite miserable, but all in all did very well. She didn't eat, but was able to take in enough liquids to hydrate herself. (See, I really ask very little of my children!).
That night we were all sitting on the bed playing a game when Tomas' pump started beeping clog in line. That's happened plenty before so we just started it up again and moved on. Well it kept alarming at closer and closer intervals and finally stopped pumping at all. I tucked everyone in and took the baby to my room to figure out what was going on. His tube was so clogged I couldn't even budge the syringe when I tried to flush it. What to do, what to do? It was 10pm by then and that meant a trip to ER and a middle of the night saga. No thanks. I decided to try running pedialyte (less likely to reflux) real slow into his G port to keep him hydrated through until morning. He did fine and didn't have any aspiration (thank God) and woke up around 6. I took a shower and Mike was holding him and Tomas was resting his head on Mike's shoulder. Odd, he just woke up, he shouldn't really be tired yet. But I put him in the car and left my 2 day post-op daughter in capable hands with the stern wifely warning to "BE NICE" and off the wee one and I went.
It is an hour drive to either the hospital or the GI doc's so I figured I'd just head out and call the office on the way to see what he wanted me to do. Well, he was in surgery so it was to the ER we went. During the triage assessment Tomas started getting floppy and very groggy. When we went back to the exam room he was a rag doll. They drew labs and his blood sugar was 39!!! They gave him sugar water in his IV and it was like a magic trick, he opened his eyes, wanted to sit up and was somewhat playful. That lasted about 10 minutes and then he fell asleep . The nurse finally got his tube unclogged and we got moved upstairs.
After clearing up all the misinformation sent upstairs by the ER (really they got about 6 things wrong, don't get me started, ER is great if you have been shot or stabbed or OD'ed on something, but medically complicated kids - not so much!!!), the floor pediatrician consulted with the hospital endocrinologist and they decided to try to recreate the episode. He was taken off his feeds at midnight and given just saline water in his IV. But no luck. He fasted for 9 hours and his sugar never dropped below 77.
So here we are, home and resting and no idea what caused his sugar to drop. He does have an upper respiratory infection, but that is not enough to keep him in the hospital. I heard a wheeze before when I was changing his diaper so I'm not sure his whole saga is over.
Victoria is gradually healing and perking up. Olivia had no episodes yesterday or today with her increase in neb treatments, and Tomas' surgery has been set for the 29th. When I called my husband to tell him we were on our way home he said he was anxiously awaiting my return! I tell you that man makes me laugh! He couldn't wait to hand the reigns back over.
After everything that happened yesterday I am so grateful to God for His mysterious ways. If Tomas' tube would not have clogged I would not have taken him to the ER. I would never have guessed blood sugars if he crashed like that at the house. Now, it will be my first guess, but not before. Tomorrow I will rest and offer my Sunday to the Lord, then come Monday morning we are back at it with a CT scan for the etherial one, and an endocrinology follow up for the enigmatic one (and possibly pulmonary follow up if that wheeze doesn't go away).

See I told you it was a big deal that we are all home and resting.

I'm also adding that I love my friends, near and far, who are always there for me. Be it a starbucks run or a woe is me phonecall.


  1. Dorothy you truly are super mom. Mike had better be glad that you find him amusing! Keep the faith!

  2. I'm sitting here wondering what the heck to write. All I can do is shake my head and keep repeating, that poor thing... That would be you. and those poor kids!! So much all at once!

    Get a good rest today! Definitely praying for you all today!!!

  3. Wow, thats a scary drop in sugar! It scares me to death because thats what caused Jax brain injury, a sugar that plummeted to nothing!
    Thank you so much for your donation to get Makayla. I'm so excited about this new adventure but raising the money seems daunting to me! thanks again

  4. Okay...I am a copycat but I was thinking the same thing as Stephanie. I always try not to read other people's comment before I write my own because then I can't seem to think of my own words anymore but this time I was just sitting trying to think what to write to you other than..."you poor thing" and then I saw what Stephanie wrote and least I am not alone :) You are really being tested these days and you know are passing with flying colors!! You just keep pushing along. Don't worry, I know your rest will be coming soon!!

  5. You need a break!!! Hopefully God is reading this and agrees :)
    Hang in there!